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    Lucky Seven CBD's Delta 8 THC hemp flower is cultivated on farms located in Portland, Oregon and it is touted as the number one delta 8 THC flower nationwide. If you are a smoke shop or headshop owner and are looking for delta 8 Flower to resell you can order in bulk here. We sell Delta 8 THC flower by the pound and we have Americas favorite Delta 8 THC flower strains such as Sour Diesel (Sativa), Cali Kush(Indica), Lemon Haze, Girl Scout Cookies(Indica) & Gorilla Glue(Sativa). All hemp flower is third party lab tested and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in compliance with the Farm Act of 2018. Made with premium, machine-trimmed, indoor-grown, hemp CBD flower.

    Where is Delta 8 Available? we have a wide variety at Lucky Seven CBD!

    Does Delta 8 flower get you high?

    Yes, Delta 8 flower will create a euphoric experience, which is why it is starting to take over from traditional CBD flowers many people prefer d8 because it has the benefits of CBD flower as well as the euphoric effects.

    Will Delta 8 Show up on a Drug test?

    Yes, most products with THC will increase the chances that you will fail a drug test. Read this article about how delta 8 will show up on a drug test.