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  • White Label Or Wholesale Delta 8 Products Which is Best To Get Started?

    White Label Or Wholesale Delta 8 Products Which is Best To Get Started?

    The CBD/ Delta 8 market is a booming billion dollar industry and with the recent passage of the 2018 farm bill and the global pandemic everyone is looking to get in on the action. 

    The two main ways people try to capitalize on the CBD/ Delta 8 THC industry is by White Labeling products or buying products Delta 8 and CBD products wholesale. Both methods have pros and cons, the main advantage of re selling a CBD or Delta 8 product that is on the market is that your selling a product that is already on the market that people may actively be searching for which will drive traffic to your website and generate organic revenue for your company, so as a beginner re selling some reputable brands like 3chi, Moonwlker, No Cap Hemp Co. Dr Blaze Gummies may be a good starting point to get your feet wet in the market  which is a very important aspect for every CBD and Delta 8 brands survival because a-lot of red tape and stipulation is involved when it comes to advertising these products on mainstream platforms. The cons or reselling someone else's delta 8 products is that you can expect your profit margins to be significantly slimmer.

    White Labeling is where you will make the most profits and have the most fun on your journey to become a reputable Delta 8/CBD business, this is a process where a lab creates the products and you put your own label and brand on it so you are getting the products at the best possible rates by cutting the middle man and getting it straight from the source, usually this is a company you will call and custom order your delta 8 products for your brand and they will create it from raw delta 8 distilate and terpenes and package it with your logo and graphics an then it will be ready to sell. The biggest set back to white labeling delta 8 products is because the product is so new that no one will be searching for it and then it's hard to get discovered.

    My personal strategy this far is to do a mixture of both I resell other Delta 8 brands that are popular alongside my Lucky Seven CBD brand that Ive created via white-label (which is awesome by the way), this method helps my site get traffic from the popular delta 8 products and then they end up getting a chance to see my brand as well. We also sell wholesale to a-lot of vape shops with our white labelled products and that helps to market us as well because they will buy our products in a vape shop our a smoke shop and get our web address from the packaging and become a customer eventually.

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