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  • Sezzle Financing For CBD Brands And Delta 8 Products

    Sezzle Financing For CBD Brands And Delta 8 Products

    Lucky Seven CBD is currently trying to reach our goal of exposing our new Delta 8 THC/CBD brand to the world, however we continue to face challenges and push backs from the major players in the marketing industry as they seem to be very selective in which cannabis brands they will allow to advertise on the their platforms. 

    Those who are tech savvy will know the importance of having links to your websites from other credible websites and sources to boost your ranking on search engines such as google, yahoo and bing, this practice is known as back linking which is crucial for a delta 8 or CBD brand to gain visibility since paid advertising is very limited and expensive. 

    I recently came across the company Sezzle as an option to not only provide financing for Lucky Seven CBD products but to get featured on their website like countless other CBD and Delta 8 Brands have also done. I applied to Sezzle to be a merchant and Lucky Seven CBD was denied unfortunately. We are currently in talks with the good people over there at Sezzle as we believe that we are not in violation of their TOS I am trying to appeal the decision via email to be able to provide financing for our delta 8 products such as our Delta 8 Gummies and our Lucky Seven Delta 8 THC Starter kit. 

    So the explanation I received from Sezzle via email read  "I am sorry but, smokable CBD and Delta 8 CBD products are prohibited according to our specific AUP. Some of these products are technically legal to buy and sell but we have decided not to work with them". I truly have to wonder if this is a mistake on Sezzle's behalf because of staff discrepancies or are they just biased because i have seen websites such as The Grateful Leaf and The Calm Leaf selling smokable and Vapable Delta 8 and CBD products. In fact  The Grateful Leaf is able to sell delta 8 flower wholesale by the pound and finance in directly through Sezzle and Lucky Seven CBD is not able to qualify and we are selling the same products so something isn't adding up and I am hoping to speak to someone else who can guide Lucky Seven CBD through the process on partnering with a major platform such as Sezzle. 


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