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  • Dr Blaze Delta 8 Gummies Review

    Dr Blaze Delta 8 Gummies Review



    The gummies themselves are colorful and attractive, the are the traditional gummy bear style unlike the popular delta 8 gummy cubes we are used to with a light sugar coating. The branding is a loud on the Jar the giant Dr Blaze logo is going to catch anyones eyes who is looking for a fire Delta 8 edible. Overall the packaging is very straightforward, the Jar has child proof features but overall no frills but also nothing unnecessary or complicated.  They are tasty gummies, they are actually some of the best tasting candy iv'e had in my life so keep in mind to keep them locked up and away from children even though the jar is child proof.

    One thing that we really liked about the packaging is the scannable QR code that linked directly to testing results for the batch. Several reviewers noted that they’ve encountered a few of these before on other cannabis and hemp products that either did not work or were difficult to understand once you arrived at the website. That was not the case with Dr Blaze Gummies. We greatly appreciated seeing a QR code finally work as intended for the consumer. Having quick, easy, and professional testing results readily available is a big plus in our book.

    Dr Blaze Delta 8 Gummies


    When i removed the child proof lid and the safety seal i was pleasantly surpised as the gummies smelled sweet and inviting. Not pungent, but strong fruity notes that evoke the same salivating response as your favorite candies. One reviewer compared them to smelling just like sour candy straws. It’s slightly more of a sugary smell than a natural one, but if you are a candy eater, you’ll know what to have in mind. There was no noticeable “hashy” or cannabis oil smell often found in edibles either, making them a great option for those needing discretion.


    These are some tasty gummies they  are a good combo of juicy and fruity, the way you expect in a quality candy gummy. One reviewer specifically noted the favorable consistency. A lot of gummy edibles can be very chewy, and these weren’t. They have a soft biteable consistency that lead one reviewer to comment, “they seemed like a gummy I could snack on if they weren’t edibles.”


    This is where Dr Blazes Delta 8  gummies really stood out. Everyone on the team reported noticeable effects, from both ends of the tolerance spectrum. There were some slight cases of the munchies all around, so be aware. 

    Some of our more experienced consumers reported a very calming, but pronounced, background lift and described it as, “deeply relaxing without going all the way towards sleepiness.”  Another, who had not consumed any cannabis products in over a week, reported an intense, but pleasant effect closer to delta-9 edibles.

    That reviewer reported, “even though these gummies are delta-8, they still hit pretty strongly. Especially for people who don’t smoke a lot, or at all, start off slow.” Each gummy contains 25mg of delta-8. 


    Across the board, our reviewers felt that these were an excellent introduction to delta-8 THC. Tasty and effective, they certainly delivered on their claims. We also appreciate a good deal, and at $34.99 for 500mg Dr Blaze Delta 8 gummies have a generally more affordable price compared to other standard CBD or THC edibles. For both novice or experienced consumers, they are a great way to try delta-8 THC. We’ve noted elsewhere on the site that Delta-8 is often described as a midpoint between the two reigning cannabinoids, and these gummies hit that mark perfectly.

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