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    Challenges Of Marketing CBD or Delta 8 THC Products

    The passing of the 2018 farm bill created new opportunities for many entrepreneurs to partake in the rapid growing legal cannabis industry. This created a huge buzz since sales of legal cannabis in the U.S. are projected to hit 23 billion U.S. dollars in 2025. So one might say that the cannabis/hemp market would be an absolute get rich scheme right? Well at least thats what I thought. In January, 2021 I took a leap of faith and quit my 9 -5 job and decided to start my own company Lucky Seven CBD selling mostly hemp derived Delta 8 THC products only to find out that even though this is a hot industry it is highly competitive and google, facebook, twitter, instagram and all of the major platforms with traffic dont allow CBD, Delta 8 THC or the new Delta 10 Products to be listed even though they federally legal under a grey area they still have no updated the requisite policies regarding these delta 8 products we expect this to remain in effect until mass adoption which is happening rapidly, however a few countries are still against adoption today CBD was banned in china yikes!

    CBD/Delta 8 Marketing Methods That Worked!

    1 – Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing for CBD/Delta 8 and other hemp derived products allows brands to reach a wider audience on social by tapping into the communities of tastemakers in relevant industries. Your brand can leverage the trust that influencers have built with their followers to promote your products in an organic way pehaps you might want to send free products such as delta 8 flower, Delta 8 Gummies, Delta 8 carts. Sometimes it is hard to find a legitimate influencer many instagram users have a promotion scam that asks for payment to promote a post or multiple posts however most of the engagement is low because they are using ig bots to fake followers so beware.

    2 – Affiliate Marketing

    Leverage publishers to generate traffic to your website. Because affiliate fees are completely performance-based, working with affiliate networks offers your brand a low-risk way to generate quality traffic. Be sure that your conversion and retention strategies are in place, as customers from affiliate partners often present the highest potential customer lifetime value (CLV).

    5 – Out-of-Home

    A billboard may not be budget friendly but this traditional form of marketing presents a great way to grow awareness to your CBD brand or to let people know where your delta 8 is available online.


    6 – Podcast Ads

    A shout out on a major podcast can help peeps know where to find your brand while and based on your budget can explain a few FAQ about delta 8 such as does delta 8 show on a drug test or how long will stay in your system? things like that to get the newbs to try these amazing products . Though it can be expensive, placing ads into relevant podcasts associates your brand with personalities listeners trust.



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